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  1. Admission is given to all persons above the age of 60 years for both men and women. Proof of age and two passport size photographs are required. Admission form is to signed by two respected Persons/Relatives, one of whom should preferably be a local guardian.
  2. Person seeking admission should be free from all communicable diseases and should be in good mental health. The same id to be certified by Family Doctor and our Doctor if necessary.
  3. Person seeking admission should independently be able to take care of himself/herself.
  4. Those persons who need special care are also admitted at some extra payment depending on individual case.
  5. Following payments are mandatory:-

a). Rs 25,000/- Refundable deposit

        b) Rs.15,000/- per person for a special room with extra services

b). Rs. 12,000/- per person per room

        c) Rs. 10,000/- each for 2 people in 1 room (shared) must be blood relation or spouse or known person

  1. All medical bills will be of your own and not included in this.
  2. All day to day normal medical checkup is free
  3. If residents goes to home or outstation has to pay full monthly amount.
  4. All above rates are subject to change as per circumstances.
  5. If a person wants to stay in Gharkul on trail basis prior to taking admission, he can stay by paying Rs 700/- per day for about a week provided room is available. The Management reserves the right of admission without assigning reason.
  6. 4 Guardians (local 2 people) must take responsibility in emergency conditions.
  7. In case of serious illness, the management will start the treatment by shifting the patient to hospital and inform the relatives whose names are on records of the management and relatives should reach the place or get in touch within two hours and take charge of patient. In the meantime all possible care will taken by the management to give medical treatment. The cost towards all medical services, hospitalization is to be borne by the member. No complaints in this regards will be entertained afterwards.
  8. In the event of sudden death of member due to unforeseen reasons like heart fail/accident, the Management will contact the relatives whose names are on the records of the Management. The relatives should get in touch with the management immediately and inform the Management about their further action. If no response is received within 2 hours from the relatives, appropriate steps will be taken by the management, No complaints in this regard will be entertained afterwards.
  9. Non -vegetarian food, alcohol, smoking and chewing of tobacco is strictly prohibited in the premises.
  10. No extra connection of any electrical will be allowed without prior permission of the management.
  11. The members should not keep any valuables with them. The management will not be responsible for any loss of valuables. Any additional money required to kept for the member should be kept under lock and key or should be deposited with the management.
  12. The old age home is not a rented place. Hence, the rules of tenancy, inheritance will not be applicable.
  13. All members should try to co-operate with fellow members, staff and management and make their stay comfortable and happy in Gharkul.
  14. Gharkul management holds the rights to give the admission

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