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An Appeal

I, shri  Mukund   Swamirao  Potdar, Age 80 years, Founder and President of “GHARKUL” and “Swami Chaya Pratisthan” request you all viewers of this website to consider following few lines sympathetically.

I am from a common family and come up by my own efforts, hard and sincere work. Right from my young age, I had sympathy & passion for old age people and cared for them, within and outside my family. In order to help the mankind and society at large, I started Gharkul by pouring all my own self earned income without any expectation or return. Later realizing the fact that it is a huge job, big responsibility and has to run for ever and is not a one man’s job and cannot be handled single handedly, formed a trust in the name of “Swami Chaya Pratisthan”  with  likeminded people. With my own endless & tireless efforts, Confidence, Zeal to work and Passion for old age people, help from many philanthropists, and above all blessing from almighty, I have been able to reach this goal from a rented out house to big modern shelter for aged people on this huge 1 acre 14 Gunthas of  land. Yet the temple and there are many more objectives of the Pratisthan are pending. I appeal for a financial help from you all in this task.

In this regards I should not forget to thank all those have helped me sumptuously up till now. It is said that for every successful man there is a women behind, like wise I should not forget to express my gratitude to my late wife Lata who has supported me morally & financially to a great extent.

I appeal you all to donate generously for this noble cause. Your donations will be eligible for Section 80(G) deduction.