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The Concept of Gharkul

Though the concept of VRUDDHASHRAM (OLD AGE HOME) does not fit in our Indian culture, it has become the need of the hour due to various reasons. Basically there are three types of old age homes.

  1. Old age homes run free of charge for those who cannot afford to pay any charges for homeless people.
  2. Old age homes at moderate rates for middle or higher middle class people who have spent their life in a better atmosphere and comfortable style and need the same in their old age too. They can afford to contribute moderately either from their own resources or pension or their children are ready to pay but they want modern amenities, clean atmosphere, good environment and above all peace of mind and away from all hassles.
  3. Old age homes for very high society people who want ultra modern amenities like AC Rooms, Social Club like atmosphere etc.

GHARKUL falls in the second category. Started Gharkul in the year 2001 in a small rented house in Thalakwadi, Belgaum (Karnataka State) to accommodate only ten persons on experimental basis is today in its own spacious premises with forty senior citizens (Both ladies & Gents) dwelling happily with all sorts of modern amenities, Pollution free building on 1 Acre 14 Gunthas of land at Benakanhalli about 7kms away from Belgaum, (BOGARVES) on main Rakaskop Dam Road.


Our mission is to provide a neat, clean, homely and healthy atmosphere. Healthy, tasty and nutritious food. Happiness of our members is our GOAL.


Benakanhalli is beyond military hospital and Ganeshpur.  Gharkul has a picturesque   view with a beautiful Garden with Radha Krishna idol (Murti) placed in a beautiful fountain.

Main building has 20 twin bedded rooms, a large dining Hall and modern kitchen on the ground floor with a building permission for 1st floor. At present only ground floor is completed.

All rooms are with attached modern toilets with commodes to suit old people, hot & cold water and shower etc there is a big corridor which we use for everyday assembly / prayers.

Apart from main building there are five one room kitchen cottages.